What Vitamins and Minerals are Necessary for Toddlers

The baby food industry is filled with a wide variety of choices. There are pre-packaged baby meals and well formulated meal plans of every type and description. Just like the food industry for elders and senior citizens, even the baby food industry is getting overcrowded.

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These baby foods meets the nutritional needs of every age group from weaning babies to toddlers to young kids up to 12 years of age.

Health and Nutrition are connected

Yes, there is a general consensus out there that a good meal choice should include considerations about health and nutrition as well. In fact, it is thought that good meal planning should include this basic idea.

Since babies, toddlers and even young kids cannot make these choices for themselves, it becomes the responsibility of the parents, elders or caregivers to keep this in mind when preparing kids meals

Why Vitamins and Minerals are Necessary

A scientific study on a shipwrecked crew is stated as the reason for the insistence that including vitamins and minerals as part of daily food intake is beneficial for human beings.

What Affects Them?

We have all seen people who in spite of being well fed appear emaciated and under nourished. It is quite possible that it is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals that is causing this condition. For example, diseases such as Ricketts and Scurvy have been known to be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Minerals and Vitamins for Toddlers

A breakup of chemical composition of the human body would indicate that the average person is composed of some degree of potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous.

It is therefore abundantly clear that these minerals are needed because they help in the process of digestion, nerve cell communication, taste and pain receptors and a whole lot of other things that keep the body functioning and well.

As regards the importance of vitamins, there are a whole lot of them from Vitamin A to K and nearly every alphabet in between. Once again, the efficacy of each vitamin can be proved by considering what the deficiency or insufficiency of each mineral can cause.

For instance, deficiency of Vitamin A can cause rashes and vision problems-even night blindness, while a shortage of Vitamin may even cause blood disorder that makes it difficult for blood to clot.

With Little Spoon’s Offerings, You don’t have to worry

If you’re scared by the consequences that a deficiency of vitamins and minerals can create, fear no more.

You can rest assured that Little Spoon has devoted time, effort and expert nutritionist’s opinions and guidance on what to include in meals.

 These meals have been designed for toddlers, in fact every age group from weaning babies to kids of 12 years. 

Benefitting from the Experience

With expert opinions and a wealth of experience from a vibrant community forum, you are bound to enjoy the experience of raising your kids in a wholesome and nutritious environment.

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