The near future of German automobiles

If you ever travelled to Germany in the present decade, you would be pleasantly surprised to see that the roads are filled with cars of every size and model.

Getting on the road in Germany can be quite a good experience, as German cars are known for their efficiency and reliability.

In case your car does develop any sort of problems, you will be relieved to find that getting your vehicle to a reputable auto workshop is not much of a hassle.

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This is German efficiency at its best.  

The Economic Might of German Cars

  • German cars have quite rightly earned their name among the automobiles of the world. It’s no secret that German efficiency and reliability are world renowned. In fact this is regarded as an inherent part of German technology.
  • Germany likes to promote itself as the best car maker in Europe, if not the world.

There are many reasons for this. The German automobile industry has a long and eventful history.

  • The industry has seen many ups and downs, with buyouts and hostile takeovers, foreign interventions, licensing and other issues that have grabbed the headlines from time to time. 
  • The sum total of all these changes and events are that the German auto industry today is among the forefront of the latest technologies that are being witnessed in this field.
  • German cars such as the BMW, the Audi, the Porsche and the ubiquitous Mercedes Benz are the epitome of German car manufacturing. Its sales statistics are rising not only in Germany and Europe, but also all across the world. 

The German Automobile Industry

  • Germany’s claim to fame in the automobile industry rests on many factors.
  • Among the first of these is that German engineers and entrepreneurs have initiated many developments in automobile manufacturing.
  • It was Karl Benz who invented the internal combustion engine as far back as the 1870s. He also created his own car design, for which he received a patent some time later.
  • Germany has also the distinction of building a car for the common man- the Volkswagen.
  • Meanwhile, the development of its open roads and highways called the Autobahn have also been the impetus for German progress in automobile diversity.
  • Today, German technology is considered superior to others in Europe. That is why they are also at the forefront of the latest developments in this field.   

Germany-The Best Economy in Europe

  • When it comes to the European Union, Germany is certainly one of the top performers in economic terms.
  • In fact, Germany is regarded to be the fifth largest economy in the world, in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 
  • Germany is also famous for its high trade surplus. It is also one of the biggest exporters of capital goods, including vehicles, machinery, electrical goods, chemical items, electronics and pharmaceuticals.
  • It is by far the largest manufacturing economy in Europe. Germans are also known for their keen interest in applied research, which usually translates into new products and technologies.

When it comes to trade fairs, Germany is again proud to rank among the best in Europe.

In fact, one-third of all the trade fairs in the world take place in Germany. German cities and infrastructure is well- suited to holding trade fairs of every description- and car shows are a good example of this.    

Electric Cars

Electric cars are definitely the next viable step in commercial automobile technology. Electric cars use an electric motor and depend on batteries for their power.

Since the effects of climate change have become more evident, the world’s developed nations have been making a switch to cars that have lesser dependence on fossil fuels.

A Move to Cleaner Fuels

It’s all about reduction of pollution levels and a move to cleaner fuels. Electric vehicles definitely fit the bill on all these counts.

They are quieter, have zero pollution and no exhaust emissions at all. Some studies have even shown that electric vehicles in the long term, have a lower maintenance cost than standard fuel based vehicles.

They can also be charged in public stations or even in home garages where space permits. 

At present Tesla, Mitsubishi and Nissan are at the top of the electric car manufacturers in the world.

However, there has been a growing demand for electric based vehicles in Germany, citing needs for a cleaner environment and less pollution on the roads.

There are many electric charging stations in Germany, and there are even roads which have been built with electric charging solar based infrastructure so that cars are charged as they are travelling on these roads and highways.   

Hydrogen Cars

  • Hydrogen cars are so called because they use hydrogen as fuel. At present there are only two companies in the world that are producing hydrogen fuel based cars on a commercial scale, Toyota and Hyundai.
  • The Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo are the brands that are available in the market at this time. However, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Germany will catch up with them.
  • Hydrogen as an approved fuel has been used by NASA to launch its space satellites. It is also approved for use in airplanes, boats, ships, trucks, trains, rockets and even submarines.
  • Depending on its commercial viability, it is only a matter of time before hydrogen as a fuel and hydrogen driven cars become more and more common. Hydrogen fuel stations are definitely becoming more commonplace in the industrialized nations of the world.  

German Infrastructure

  • The German commitment to excellence can be seen in their approach to automobile manufacturing and design. They have a world view on this.
  • German cars are manufactured with the global consumer in mind. From engineering to convenience, from style to performance- everything is considered in German automobile design. So let’s see when electric and hydrogen based cars become the next best thing in Germany.

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